Soil Moisture Sensor Systems

Water When Necessary

Rebates Start at $80 or $35 per Irrigation Controller Station
For Large Residential Sites

A soil moisture sensor measures soil moisture content in the active root zone where it is installed on your property. The sensor is placed in a location that best represents the overall soil moisture condition of the site, and must be connected to an irrigation system controller that accepts a signal from the sensor. A measurement is taken before each scheduled irrigation event, and the irrigation controller bypasses the scheduled run cycle if the soil moisture is above a certain threshold as defined by the user. SoCal Water$mart eligible soil moisture sensor systems (SMSS) must include a sensor and a calibrator (these are typically packaged together in the same device) and an irrigation controller. A sensor/calibrator can be added to an existing compatible irrigation controller, but the SMSS is not eligible for a rebate if the user has already received a rebate for a Weather Based Irrigation Controller. Rebates are not available for both the SMSS and a Weather Based Irrigation Controller if purchased together.

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