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Collecting and re-using rainwater from gutters and downspouts for lawns and gardens minimizes the amount of water flowing into your storm drains, sewer systems and local waterways. Plants and microbes prefer rainwater because it is naturally "soft" and free of chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals.

Rebates start at $75 per barrel

Rain Barrel Guidelines:

  1. Minimum size: 50 gallons
  2. Rain barrel must be designed for the intended purpose of rain capture
  3. Should have a cover to prevent mosquitos, rodents and debris from entering
  4. The rain barrel must be mounted in a way that allows the barrel to receive water unimpeded from a rain gutter.
  5. Should not block or restrict access to walkways or pathways
  6. Rain barrel must not be connected to the irrigation system and must be distributed through a hose or bucket
  7. Should be elevated 6 inches off the ground on a solid foundation
  8. Should be strapped to your home for safety if the height of the barrel is two times greater than the width
  9. Maximum of four rain barrels per home

Download a Tip Sheet on Maintaining your Rain Barrel

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